My New Keyboard!!

I’m going to be honest here, I love flashy things. The more flash things I own the better in my opinion. Since a lot of my work is done on the PC (and PC’s look rather boring) there’s nothing better than finding peripherals that “lighten” the mood. I came across this amazing keyboard whilst browsing the net called the corsair K95 RGB. After studying this for a while and understanding how the lighting system worked I could resist my urge to give one a go. I couldn’t be happier.

The K95 with default lighting

After receiving the Corsair keyboard in the post I immediately set this device up and had it glowing purple (my favourite color) and upon pressing the buttons, made it highlight green. I’m in love with this mechanical keyboard. It makes my work so much easier and looks extremely pretty. My purple e cig rests beautifully next to it and my children look in awe at mummy’s new toys.

Apart from finding a similar mouse to match my new RGB keyboard, I will be in the market soon for a new 4k video camera to capture my children. Summer is coming, so the perfect time to invest. After reading a great review on the Sony AX100 camcorder, and learning about Sony’s new smaller and more inexpensive version the AX33, I am still in two minds on which to buy. I think I will first find the mouse to match my new keyboard, and then make a decision.


A review on the keyboard